Our Listing Guidelines
Welcome to the dependable (Guidelines) for Huduly. Any promoted terms not characterized inside these Guidelines are characterized in Huduly Terms of Administration.

Huduly is committed to making an extraordinary encounter for its purchasers and dealers. We view our obligations appropriately and we work to guarantee that any merchant administration recorded (listing) on Huduly and are precise, dependable and solid. Therefore, we have made the accompanying rules to improve user experience on Huduly.

Rules dealers should conform to while making any postings:

1.Services that violate our policies will be removed, no questions asked so we advice you  read and  have better understanding of what  you can or can’t as dealers on Huduly
2.Don’t start a project you can’t complete. Only accept custom orders  your are sure of completing and that is the only way to reduce refund rates
3.Do not offer a service like “I will do anything  you want” Please be specific with your offers
4.Logos, videos, text, images or any form of material owned by another individual should not form part of your listing.
5.In no case should you copy paste other sellers’ content be unique and original
6.Deliver exactly as stated with listing as it attracts good reviews
These are not allowed;

In other to keep our marketplace safe, the following by law are not allowed and will not be approved the first place.

1.Content made to promote or endorse;

Drugs, Pornographic, Child abuse, Racism and any other criminal related act.

2.When offering a software as a service make sure it is free from Spyware, spam, Trojan horses, or viruses.

Your content should not contain affiliate links
Methods that violate our policies
Huduly reserves the right to modify, delete reject any listing based on decisions of our legal department. It is thus your responsibility to be aware of our terms so you won’t be a victim.

You can however contact support if you think your service(s) was removed or rejected accidentally and not because of any of any of the above support@huduly.com