Huduly Privacy Policy
Last Updated: 2 / 08 / 2022

1. What information do we collect?

We gather data from you when you register on our site, submit a request, buy any services, react to an overview, or round out a structure. At the point when requesting any assistance or enrolling on our site, as suitable, you might be approached to enter your: name, email address, or telephone number. You may, nonetheless, visit our site anonymously.

2. Why your data is needed

The only data collected was those you provided during registration and it will be visible to other for interaction (seller – buyer communication) be rest assured that none of your information will be used for any other purpose besides Huduly.                                           

3. Your information will be utilized in the following ways to provide you with the best experience.

- Registration of accounts: It is a basic requirement for every user seller or buyer to register on our marketplace first before usage.

-Your information especially your email is used as a mode of contact by any our departments.

-Your user ID helps others identify you on the platform

- It also helps us process any transactions

Feel free because your data is at good hands, we would not want you to have bad experience using our marketplace so we treat every user as we would want other.


In this section of our policy we will throw more light on third parties (Organizations) that are likely to have access to your data to allow you access Huduly and assist us run Huduly smoothly. Some of these third party services include our web hosting provider, our Payment providers, Email service providers.

Be informed that, we may collect, access, use and disseminate your information at any point in time to execute activities related to Huduly and nothing else. Thus, it is necessary to allow access to any of our third parties that we may deploy in the course of our operations. Granting access and using Huduly simply means you have accepted our Privacy policy. You agree not to hold us liable for actions of any of our third parties.

4. Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Compliance

We are consistent with the prerequisites of COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act), we don't gather any data from anybody under 18 years old. Our site, items, and administrations are completely coordinated to individuals who are in any event 18 years of age or more established.

5. How long we retain your information?

At the point when you register for our site, we cycle and keep your information we have about you however long you don't erase the record or withdraw yourself (subject to laws and guidelines).

6. What we don’t do with your data

We don't and will never share, unveil, sell, or in any case give your information to different organizations for the promoting of their items or administrations.

7. Your Security

Security is an important morality here at Huduly that is why we use both physical and electronic security features. We use SSL certificates for secure connection at Hosting, we also safeguard our entire website using multiple software. However, we don’t have complete control over the internet so it is hard to guarantee 100% security or privacy of your information. We recommend you protect yourself first and beware of fraud and privacy threats.


We will never contact you using a different email apart from Also, we address you by your full name and nothing else. Remember to report fraud to us directly!

8. Privacy Amendments

NOTE** Our Privacy Policy may change as we progress and when we do you will be notified. The date listed at the start of this page will be updated. You must agree to the amendments to continue using our platform but if you do not agree for any reason talk to our legal department immediately at