Huduly’s Terms of Service

Last Update: 2019-05-14


The terms “we”, “us” or “our” shall refer to Huduly. The terms “you”, “your”, “User” or “customer” shall refer to any individual or entity who submits himself/herself to this Agreement, has access to your account or uses our Services. Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to confer any third-party rights or benefits.  We may change or modify this Agreement, and any policies or agreements at any time, and such changes or modifications shall be effective right after signing up with us.  Your use of this marketplace or the Services after such changes or modifications made shall constitute your acceptance of this Agreement as last revised. If you do not agree to be governed by this agreement as last revised, do not use (or continue to use) this Site or the Services.

Also, Huduly may periodically alert you of any changes or modifications to this Agreement by email. It is therefore very important that you keep your account (“Account”) information current. Huduly assumes no liability or responsibility for your failure to receive an email notification if such failure results from an inaccurate email address.


Listing:  This refers to any kind of service under any category offered on our marketplace

Seller:  An individual offering any kind of service at a price  

Buyer:  A user who purchases services on our marketplace

Order: A purchased made through our marketplace

Dispute:  A disagreement, misunderstanding or conflict between a seller and a buyer

Add-On:  A feature in seller’s dashboard used to provide additional or extra services

Plan/ Package:  A feature used by sellers to create different variation or upgrade of listing (service)

Refund: Money given back to a buyer after purchase for an acceptable  reason 


1. Buyers Protection:

DO NOT agree by anyway make payments for services outside huduly. There’s no way those monies can be refunded to you when you are not satisfied with the final result. ** It is again an infringement to our terms and must be reported to our legal department at

2. Resolving Disputes

In a case of dispute (check definition above) between a seller and buyer, both parties must first attempt to solve/ settle it amicably by contact each other to solve the issue. But in a case where that first method of contacting each other fails, both parties must contact huduly instantly so we can assist in settling the issues based on our polices. The dispute should be considered solved and final after seller and buyer agree to such resolution.

3. Payments and Fees

Huduly shall hold all payments made by our buyers for a period of time until the contract is over. This is a way to protect our buyers; sellers are required to complete such Order before payment shall be released to your accounts after a successful completion of the contract which is eligible for withdrawal after 8 days.

Huduly shall deduct a 20% commission upon withdrawal from sellers and a 5% processing fee from buyers during purchases. Huduly reserves the right to change and alter any fees or commissions at any time with notices. We may withhold all funds in a case of dispute until such dispute is resolved.

4. Listing Dos & Don'ts

Read our listing policy page to find out Here

5. Age Compliance

We are not ready to accept users under the ages of 18 (children), to be enrolled on to our marketplace as compliance to international laws regarding children. DO NOT register an account if below 18, wait when you tend 19. Thanks